AL CAN Oxygen Cylinder

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Handy Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder for all your medical purposes.  We provide Seamless Aluminium High Pressure Cylinders Aluminum containers, bottles & aerosol can.


  • Seamless Oxygen Cylinder
  • Portable Cylinder & Aerosol Can
  • Breathe Oxygen & Instant relief
  • High purity of gases
  • Safe & Easy to use.

AL – CAN Oxygen Cylinder is available for sale at LifePlus Medical Equipment.


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Specifications :

  • Get low pressure/high pressure
  • Aluminum Portable Cylinders
  • Suitable for various medical pusposes
  • From 0.495 LTR to 200 LTR
  • Cylender with Bag for easy carry.

Al-Can Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder is made out of Seamless Aluminum-Alloy high-Pressure Cylinders. It is manufactured as per ISO 7866, IS 15660 and BS EN 1975 Standard. These cylinders are properly inspected and certified by TUV (India). You can buy an oxygen breathing cylinder tank for home use. Avail the oxygen tank and mask for sale Banglore,Udupi, Shimoga, Manglore, Mysore and Goa.

These oxygen cylinders range water capacity from 500MI to 23.4 Liters, with working pressure of 200 Bar / 150 Bar / 139 Bar / 126 Bar and even test pressure up to 300 Bar / 225 Bar / 209 Bar / 190 Bar. Al-Can Oxygen Cylinders are Specialized in manufacturing smooth High-Pressure Aluminum Cylinders, Disposable Cylinders / Low-Pressure cylinders used in Medical Gases, Specialty Gases, Beverages tanks, Fire Extinguisher Cylinders, Scuba Cylinders and Industrial Gases. As these Oxygen therapy Cylinders are the best option for all of these gasses, as it maintains the gas purity.

Al-Can Oxygen Cylinder for traveling:

These Oxygen Cylinders are used as First aid Kit, Emergency Oxygen Cylinders kit, Medical Oxygen Cylinder kit, and Life-saving Equipment. These Oxygen Cylinders are even used for Oxygen Cylinders for Ambulance, Oxygen machine for Hospitals and home, High Mountaineers, and for Fire Extinguishers, Oxygen Cylinders for home use and for Oxygen Cylinders for traveling.

Al-Can O2 Cylinder Quality:

Every O2 Cylinders is tested through a specified process, at every stage of production it is manufactured with the highly qualified quality control process and even it undergoes a series of cyclic Testing to imitate its life. These oxygen tanks are manufactured with a wide range of tanks with high-quality standards, as it can totally satisfy the customer.

Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder for sale is available for sale at LifePlus Medical Equipment.

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