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  • Nasal Cannula

    Nasal cannulas are used to deliver oxygen when a low flow, low or medium concentration is required, and the patient is in a stable state. They deliver oxygen in a variable manner; this means the amount of oxygen inspired depends on the patient’s breathing rate and pattern. For this reason they are not suitable for use in the acute phase of illness with patients who need controlled oxygen therapy.

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  • Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen Conserver

    Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen Conserver

    The DeVilBiss Oxymizer® pendant cannula is an original design, disposable oxygen conserving device used in the routine nasal administration of supplemental oxygen. The Oxymizer® facilitates the delivery of continuous high-flow oxygen using a non-mechanical pulse dosing method that can be used in the home, hospital or long-term care setting.

    Features :

    • Disposable
    • Can be used with up to 15 lpm
    • Delivers up to a 4:1 savings ratio
    • Comfortable alternative to mask
    • Reduces cost of providing oxygen therapy
    • Lower flow rates reducing common side affects
    • Compatible with cylinders, concentrators and liquid oxygen
    • Proven efficacy for use at rest and exercise
    • No batteries required

    Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen Conserver Price in India:

    To know the Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen Conserver price for sale in Udupi,Manglore,Shimoga,Mysore and Goa.

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