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Sleep Therapy

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  • Cube 30 ATV Non-invasive Ventilator

    Cube 30 ATV from Drive DeVilbiss International is an innovative, non-invasive volume-supporting ventilator. The Cube 30 ATV incorporates intuitive state-of-the-art functionality, allowing safe and easy application of the device in a homecare or clinical environment. With its unique trigger technology and target minute-volume algorithm, this ventilator optimizes therapy to meet individual patient requirements.

    Features :

    • The device includes a large 4.3“ colored screen display incorporating easy to use tile design menu screens for clear convenient user navigation.
    • High sensitive flow based trigger detection with trigger failure auto-detect function.
    • Contemporary volume assured pressure support which can be set based on breath-by-breath target volume or target minute volume.
    • Extensive device alarm management, including on screen display alarm protocol.
    • Swiss made turbine blower promising high quality performance for extended, reliable operation.
    • Two independent adjustable ventilation settings allowing patients to change therapy mode for daytime and night time use.
    • The Mask Check function ensures a correct ftting mask even before therapy starts. On screen values identify leakages in order for the mask to be adjusted and corrected.


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  • DeVilbiss BLUE CPAP – AutoPlus

    DeVilbiss BLUE CPAP – AutoPlus detects, reports and differentiates between hypopneas, obstructive apneas, snoring, expiratory puffs, leaks, flow limitations, RERAs, central apneas and periodic breathing.

    • Detects more events and responds with a new level of accuracy
    • SmartFlex can be disabled, enabled or used during ramp-time only
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  • DeVilbiss SleepCube CPAP, BiPAP & BiPAP ST

    The SleepCube Series of Positive Airway Pressure devices from DeVilbiss Healthcare is designed to meet the varied needs of people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB). SleepCube CPAP :  The SleepCube CPAP is the first range of sleep therapy Bipap machine from DeVilbiss Healthcare. Bipap machine provides a fixed pressure …

    DeVilbiss SleepCube CPAP, BiPAP & BiPAP STRead More

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  • Prisma VENT Portable Ventilator

    Simple operation, adapter-less compatibility, brilliant legibility, intuitive menus, increased safety, clever power supply and more make prisma VENT the obvious first choice for ventilation therapy..

    Features :

    • Brilliant Display
    • Easy handling
    • 360o esay turn
    • Allover compatibility
    • Low Noise
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  • VENTIlogic LS

       The new generation of ventilators from Löwenstein Medical includes VENTIlogic LS. The devices guarantee a high degree of safety and versatility night and day, thanks to its practical monitoring and mobility options and unique ventilation functions. VENTIlogic LS offers you connection options for leakage circuit, single patient circuit with patient valve and double patient circuit with patient valve. This ventilator also has volume-controlled ventilation modes (aVCV, VCV).


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  • Weinmann PrismaLINE CPAP, Bilevel and ST Bilevel

    prismaLINE is the platform for treatment of Sleep-Disordered Breathing whether you suffer from obstructive, central, mixed or complex .

    Manufactured by Weinmann Medical Technology, Germany. This solution offers the right device for every type of therapy in proven Weinmann quality “Made in Germany”. Intuitive and convenient operation for highly effective treatment.

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